Drag and Drop Blocks

Blocks and DYNAMITE oh my!

A fun and addictive game which features colored blocks and dynamite. The objective of the game is to... Read More


The objective of the game is to take randomly shaped colored blocks and place them onto a grid. You score points by forming lines vertically and/or horizontally.

Oh... and the game features dynamite! The dynamite lets you blast blocks that get in the way of you forming those vertical and horizontal lines. However, there is a catch... Dynamite is SCARCE. So use it wisely.

Additionally, the game features four difficulty levels and those levels are:

Easy: features a 12x12 grid.

Medium: features a 10x10 grid.

Hard: features a 8x8 grid.

Insane: features a 6x6 grid.

Have fun with this highly addictive game.

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