Hexagon Blast

Hexagons and a bit of dynamite is a recipe for fun... Read More


Hexagon blast is a blast to play!

As you can see from the screenshots, the game features a hexagon grid and oddly shaped hexagon pieces which come in different colors... The objective of the game is to form "diagonal" lines on the grid with these pieces. These diagonal lines can go left to right or right to left. Each time you form a diagonal line, the lines are cleared and you make room for other hexagon pieces. Your goal should be to keep the grid from filling up to where there is no more room for other pieces.

Additionally the game features dynamite which you can use to blast pieces which are in the way. Of course there is just one catch... Dynamite only appears at random times during the game and those random times don't occur too often so try your best to survive the grid!

The game features three difficulty levels and those levels are:

Easy: features a grid containing x 217 blank slots.

Medium: features a grid containing x 127 blank slots.

Hard: features a grid containing x 61 blank slots.

Have fun with this highly addictive game.

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