Stack Swap

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If you're looking for a new type of blocks game for 2017, Stack Swap is your answer. The game features a new and innovative way to Stack blocks. Stack Swap features 2 game modes which are called "win" and "survive".

The win game mode provides a level based experience. The game starts you off on level 1 and as you progress the game becomes more difficult.

Survival mode on the other hand lets you choose between easy, medium, hard and "insane". In survival mode there are no levels to beat. Instead you set high scores and play to beat that high score which you have set for yourself.

The game features a minimalist design with colored shapes. In win mode the colors change as you progress in the game.

The objective of the game is to swap blocks and stack them on top of each other. Each time you match 3 identical blocks, those blocks disappear. While this sounds easy enough, there are additional blocks falling. Your goal is to keep those falling blocks from reaching the spikes. Give Stack Swap a try!

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