Wooden Block Fall

A challenging and addictive a block-dropping puzzle game... Read More


The game features a wooden board and wooden black and brown block pieces. The objective of the game is to form 2x2 same colored squares using the falling blocks.

Each time you form a 2x2 same colored square, you create a "fusion". Fusions earn you points and these points are only added up when the fusion blocks are eliminated. These blocks are eliminated when a bright colored luminous laser beam makes contact with the fusion blocks.

If you earn a high enough fusion count, you can get a fusion booster which takes the game into extreme mode. When this fusion booster is activated, you also earn more points but this fusion booster only stays activated for a limited amount of time.

Additionally, the game features three difficulty levels and those levels are:

Easy: features a 18x14 board.

Medium: features a 16x12 board.

Hard: features a 14x10 board.

Have fun with this challenging game.

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