Wooden Hexa Puzzle

A challenging and addictive game which features a wooden board and tetromino like wooden hexagon pieces... Read More


The game features a wooden board and wooden tetromino like hexagon block pieces. The objective of the game is to form lines diagonally on the board using these hexagon pieces. The blocks can be rotated by tapping on them and can be placed on the board by dragging them with your finger.

Sounds easy right? Well not really because the game features obstacles. These obstacles appear in the form of tree stumps. These stumps appear at random times during the game and when placed on the board, they prevent you from forming lines in columns and rows where these stumps were placed. So it's game over, right?

Well, not really... Also randomly, the game provides you with matches which come in different shapes and sizes. These matches are the only way to get rid of these tree stumps so you must use these matches wisely while also placing the wooden block pieces on the board so that lines are formed. Each time you form these lines, those lines disappear and you score points.

Additionally, the game features 3 difficulty levels, and those levels are:

Easy, which features a grid containing x 217 empty spaces.

Medium, which features a grid containing x 127 empty spaces.

Hard, which features a grid containing x 61 empty spaces.

Have fun with this challenging game.

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